What is it and what is it for?

Our ranking system is used to determine the rank and quality of photographers based on the various awards they receive over a given period. The global rank shows the ranking of the best photographers since the launch of the website.

Every year, the annual rank is recalculated and the TOP 25 photographers of the year are awarded. The more points you earn during the year, the more chance you have to aspire to this award. Of course, the other prizes is continuously awarded as a Photographer of the week or month.

How does it work?

All submitted pictures are checked by our editor daily about 9am and 7pm and the best pictures are selected for Official Selection. Every day about 8pm the editor selects a Picture of the DAY that is published on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Tumblr. The best pictures from the previous week will be awarded as a Picture of the WEEK. The best pictures from the previous month will be awarded as a Picture of the MONTH.

Add your hashtags and location for your pictures. Because if we post your picture on Instagram, we will include this information to increase the interaction and impression of the post. It will help you market your social media content more successfully.

How many points I get?

You get a certain number of points for each awarded picture, as follows:
  • Official Selection (Editor Choice): half point
  • Picture of the DAY: 2 points
  • Picture of the WEEK: 5 points
  • Picture of the MONTH: 10 points
  • Picture of the YEAR: 20 points

  • Photographer of the WEEK: 10 points
  • Photographer of the MONTH: 20 points
  • Photographer of the YEAR: 30 points

  • Honorable Mention in our Contest: 5 points
  • BRONZE medal in our Contest: 10 points
  • SILVER medal in our Contest: 20 points
  • GOLD medal in our Contest: 30 points
Do you find it complicated? Don't worry, our algorithm reliably recalculates and keeps the rank up to day. The points are not credited automatically but are recalculated continuously, so the rank will not increase immediately after the award.

When is announcement of the Photographer of the year?

The announcement of the TOP 25 photographers of the year is usually in the half of February after the announcement of the results of the Annual Competition.