Xrisovalantis Simeonidis

Wedding Photographer Professional

Wedding Photographer Xrisovalantis Simeonidis from Greece - Superior Member of PROWEDaward
Membership:  4 months
Specialization: Architecture, Aerial, Portraits, People, Wedding
Website: www.blueweddings.gr
My name is Xrisovalantis Symeonides and I have been working as a wedding photographer for over a decade. I am based in Naoussa on the Greek island of Paros, which is in the Cyclades, and where most of my wedding projects have taken place.
Early on in my career, after working in wedding ceremonies as a photographer, I realised that this profession is for me. This is where my heart belongs.
The love and emotion of the couples is something that I feel and experience alongside them on their special day, and is what I try to capture through my camera lens. Stunning, vibrant photographs that convey a story, is what I strive for.
My team and I are seasoned experts at capturing the essence of every moment. Endeavoring to communicate clients' happiness through the cherished images, we pay attention to detail, whether it be a smile, a touch, or a glance. By meticulously documenting your wedding, or any other special occasion, we capture the joy and true sentiment in each and every shot, creating strikingly beautiful photo treasures.
We aim to honour your special day and to make these photographs a testament of your celebration. We deliver images that you will cherish for the rest of your life.