Francesco Russotto

Wedding Photographer Professional

Wedding Photographer Francesco Russotto from Italy - Superior Member of PROWEDaward
Membership:  21 days
Specialization: Beauty, Wedding, Abstract, Conceptual, CGI
Website: www.francescorussotto.it
My name is Francesco Russotto and I deal with photography and image creation since always.
I’ve had the opportunity to participate to the creation of several videoclip, advertising and movies for national and international clients. Nowadays I’m basically a wedding photographer and I mainly work in Rome, but I easily move all over Italy and foreign.
What I like of my job is to tell from my point of view about the emotions of an unique day, full of very special moments.
I’m an ANFM member (Italian Wedding Photographers Association), TAU VISUAL (Professional Photographers Association) e WPJA (Wedding Photojournalist Association).
I am very proud to have won 6 consecutive Wedding Awards (matrimonio.com), first ZIWA (Zankyou International Wedding Awards) in 2018, and one Masters of Italian Wedding Photography.
All the photos that you can see on my web page, are made by me, like also the post production.
To stay close on the faces, without forcing the poses, joining the emotion itself, that’s what I like.
The wedding is a happy day and deserves to be told, with emotion and participation.
If you look for a wedding photographer in Rome or wherever over Italy, please feel free to contact me for a free and personalized quote.

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