David Lingerfelt

Wedding Photographer Professional

Wedding Photographer David Lingerfelt from Brazil - Member of PROWEDaward
Membership:  1 yr & 6 mos
Specialization: Wedding
Website: www.davidlingerfelt.com.br
Becoming a photographer was something that developed, step by step, while I was still in Law School. Once I graduated and passed the BAR exam, I starting to follow the career I had chosen, and day after day my vision of the world gradually deteriorated. I didn’t have much space for photography any more and, after the two worst years in my life, I quit law and dived, head first, into that which I so love – photography.
When photographing, choosing the scene, feeling the moment, there is this state of suspension where there is only the present, the scenario, colors, shapes, and nothing else exists, nothing else matters. I found the freedom to create I crave so much photographing weddings, creating harmonious compositions with a diversity of cultures, costumes, choices, ceremonies. Each wedding, each moment a unique experience.