Annual Wedding Photographers Contest 2019

Annual Wedding Photographers Contest 2019

PROWEDaward Contest is an International contest for wedding photographers from all over the world. It is a place where the most talented photographers can present their work and compete with each other.

PROWEDaward photo contest is open to all professional wedding photographers, full-time or part-time. All that matters is your beautiful images.

Total prize fund $2000

Contest will be open on:
Saturday, Jun 1, 2019




Getting Ready


Family Portrait

Bride & Groom

First Dance

Wedding Party


Black & White

Wedding Moments

Wedding Details

Epic Location




The Grand Winner will receive the PROWEDaward Trophy and the cash prize of  $2000

All category winners (Gold, Silver, Bronze, Finalist) will receive a digital certificate of achievement

Winning images will be listed on our website & social networks

Entry Fees & Deadlines (CET)

Early Deadline till: Monday, Sep 30, 2019

Entry Fees Professional
Single entry [1 photo]:
$50 $25
Series entry [2-4 photos]:
$60 $30
Additional Category [same entry]:

You earn 15 points for every paid entry, The loyalty points can be spent on membership fees

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The Jury

The appointment of the complete Jury will be untill: Saturday, Jun 1, 2019

Pavol Delej
QEP Photographer
Pavol Delej
Ken Pak
Ken Pak
United States
United States
Vojta Hurych
Vojta Hurych
Czech Republic
Czech Republic

Rules & FAQ

Who Can Participate?

Any professional wedding photographers, full-time or part-time.

Submission Guidelines

Please upload photos with a resolution of at least 1000 pixels and maximum 5000 pixels. Export images as JPEG at a setting of 10 (100%) with sRGB colour space, smaller than 5MB. Layouts, collages, watermarks, copyright, logos, signatures are not allowed. Only bleed photographs without borders. Photos that show images of pornography or have visual content of an offensive, slanderous or extremist nature are not allowed as well.

How To Participate?

You need to be a PROWEDaward member to participate. Sign Up on PROWEDaward and you will be able to send your single entry or series to the contest.


It is considered that the author of a picture is the person who held the camera and pressed the shutter button. All photographs must be the original work of You and must not violate the rights of any other party and must have obtained permission of any people featured in the entries. The photographs must not have breached any laws. By sending a photo to contest, you confirm that you are its author. PROWEDaward may use all entries for marketing & promoting the PROWEDaward although there will not be any monetary compensation for the same.

Single or Series Entry

A series constitutes of images that are of the same wedding event/couple or should have a very strong connecting theme like lighting/composition or location. Images which do not qualify for this will not be accepted. The Series Entry will be judged as one whole entry. If your photographs are of different wedding events/couples which dont have a strong connecting look and feel please kindly enter them under the Single Entry.

How Is The Judging Done?

The competition consists of two rounds of assessment. In the first round, all records will be reviewed by Editors. The best part of the entries will be selected for the 2nd round. In the second round, the Judges will select the winners and the finalist. In the time of the judging, the authorship of the images is hidden and votting of Jury is also anonymous. All images are display in a randomly, it's impossible to specifically vote for a particular job. What will make the selection of winners as independent and objective as possible.

Have Any Questions or Need Our Help?

Contact us via form here or email us on info@prowedaward.com